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5 Business Strategies You Need To Harvest

“Strategy” and “strategic management” are cool words. People love using them and it often leads a lasting & positive impression with your audience. Competing to be the very best in your game is one of the major misconceptions about strategy. In the current times we live in, it is more important than ever before to […]

The LOWDOWN on Navigating your CAREER!

Everyone has their “dream career” that they candidly speak about. Their dream job, their ideal working environment and ideal culture. But for many, it’s just that. The majority will never progress past this point due to complacency and comfort. This is where your career becomes lost…. Here is my mini list for effectively navigating your […]

Getting Focused for 2018!

It’s that time of year again! Christmas first and all the busy days and long nights that come with it. Then there is New Years Eve. And there you have it. Another year closed out, and under the belt. Many are not too dissimilar when it comes to goal setting for the new year that […]

The Powerful Entrepreneur

Building a company from scratch requires a great deal of CONFIDENCE, FOCUS, and most of all, MOTIVATION. The 3 key reasons why not everyone usually cuts through the barrier and makes it in the end as a successful entrepreneur. There are some critical habits that separate the rare breed, to the rest. In addition to […]

Growth Mindset

So many people I know these days have a mindset that is totally working against them. They know what they want but they are unsure how to achieve their goals, or how to get to where they truly need to be. There is a fear of failure, and what will become of them if failure […]

Signs That Tell You, You’re A Leader!

ARE LEADERS BORN OR MADE? Sure, leadership can be taught, but can everyone be capable of being a true leader? True bigger picture leaders are happy to take calculated risks and then build an A Team around them to put in the work. Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? In my experience, […]

Workaholic VS High Performer

You may think being a “workaholic” and a “high performer” are very similar in nature, but they are vastly different. They are in fact nothing alike. A workaholic and a high performer both look like hard workers, but there is a significant difference between the two. The biggest difference is how the person feels on […]

Do’s & Don’ts In Business Start-Ups

So, you’re wanting, and ready to start your new, exciting business venture. AWESOME! So many women that I talk to, that are wanting to start their own business are doing it for the wrong reasons, with no real over-arching vision or long term strategy. Get off on the right track by following a few simple […]