Anyone Can Purchase A Property – But Can They Spot A Deal?

Take the time to engage with the right buyer’s agent for you. There are many out there and many that specialise in specific areas only. Yes there are fees associated with using a buyer’s agent but as time rolls on, we can see purchasing property in today’s market is not an easy task…

Anyone can purchase a property and run through the process on their own, but finding a deal in specific areas that you are not as well versed on as opposed to a professional can really be the difference in the type of ‘deal’ you get for yourself.

Mandeep Sodhi, a former banker and founder and chief executive of HashChing, an online mortgage site, said stressed Millennials are being forced to cut back on dining out, holidays and are working second jobs.

“Most of these Millennials took out loans with the big four banks… they never bother looking around for property advice or shopped around for better rates with other lenders. They are paying a high price for their loyalty (to the big four banks).” said Mr Sodhi about the survey.

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