Buyer Agent Benefits

With the property market at an all time high, showing very minimal signs of cooling down anytime soon, we as Gen-Y need to look at alternatives to get ourselves securely into the market. We need to utilise the experts in the property industry to leverage us further ahead – at a small added cost on top of the purchase price of your investment, the profits can be quite significantly different if you choose to walk the path of investing alone.

One thing I have mentioned to my peers in recent times is the need to build a very strong network of people from many industries to keep up with the expensive living costs Gen-Y has been left to (somewhat) battle alone. One thing we are all finding in common with one another is the fact that we are now so time poor, if we take our foot off the accelerator for one minute, we are left behind with weeks if not months of catching up to do in many aspects. The process of purchasing a house has never been more time consuming than what it is in 2017. Why, you ask? Purchasing an investment property that is going to grow strong and still give you a great rental return is less likely to be as easy as you think to find…


Are you looking to buy an investment property but have no idea where to start? Do you feel uncomfortable by the idea of bidding at an auction, or maybe don’t have the time to do all the real boring stuff after the offer has been accepted? This is where we come into play… Buyer agents can ease the stress and anxiety of buying an investment property by representing you as the buyer.


What you are really need to ask yourself is: what can a buyer agent offer me that I can’t do myself?
To begin, a buyer agent is an objective party in the process – they won’t let their decisions become clouded by emotion – this is a big factor. It won’t be a case of ‘love at first sight’ with an agent; they will do their research thoroughly and objectively and present you with all the numbers you need to know.

Unless you are an expert negotiator, the idea of having to bid or make offers on properties probably gives you cause for anxiety. Your agent will be skilled and experienced in all aspects of bidding, negotiation, contracts, financing and the settlement process. They will also be able to assist you in finding someone to manage that property, should it be for investment purposes.

Buyer agents possess valuable market knowledge, including the ability to identify new or upcoming ‘hotspots’. By the time an area is publicised as a hotspot, it is probably too late for the average home buyer to get into the market. Buyer agents make it their job to be ahead of the game, identifying key market trends and up-and-coming areas well ahead of the average punter.


If you are looking to get into the investment property market and have a better understanding of what a buyer agent does for their clients, feel free to contact our team today to organise your free consultation and let Luxland begin the journey to help grow your future –