Is Property Investing Even For Me?

Everyone is talking about where, what and when to invest into property – how many are executing? That is another question entirely…

I’m not one to say that I execute on a yearly basis, but am I on the hunt and doing my research daily? YES.

My situation is a little different to others around me, so I am on the sidelines for a little while longer, but this is the time to make sure I know 100% what my next investment is going to be, where it will be, what it will feature and how I am going to execute the purchase as well as what I am going to do with it next.

One thing we need to remember in a market so hot is no matter what Joe Blow next to us is doing, we need to stay in our own lane and invest in the product that is right for US.

In recent times, I have seen first-time developers with no experience ever, almost have their dreams crushed because of jumping the gun – just because a lot of people are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s for you just yet, CALCULATE YOUR RISK FIRST!

With that said, I am not saying you can not achieve anything you want in life or investing, but recognise your strengths and play to them. Start from the bottom and work your way up without getting frustrated that you haven’t made your first million dollars in the first five minutes of being involved in the property game…

Moving on, you might now ask yourself – what property investment strategy is right for me? And the beauty with it all is that there is no right or wrong answer, it purely comes down to what you desire and what your goals are for the next 10 years to come.

For me, I have done well with a Sydney based property purchased back in 2011 which has grown well to help me leverage further into the market.

Taking on another capital growing investment may not be my best option as today’s economy demands a lot more from me financially then what it did back in 2011 – so moving forward I am opting for a property with a more immediate cash flow via rental returns.

It may only be a few extra dollars in my pocket per week after all expenses paid for, but it’s what is going to help me NOW to leverage further into the property investment space again in the next year.

I am working with a flexible strategy that works with me at the time when there is still slight uncertainty on where everything is heading. I am not planning in months or years, but in decades and putting the picture together of where I will be in another 10 years time from this year onwards.

Investing in property has changed so much over the last decade which is why it is such an exciting time to be apart of it all. There are more strategies than ever where investors are making quicker returns by planning smarter and developers are making well over 25% returns on their projects in certain areas. People that have come from nothing, are thinking past the old-school method of ‘buy and hold’ to make incredible financial gains, it’s just beautiful to watch!

Listen to your intuition first, but don’t make a move until you have calculated your ‘risk vs. reward’ first – In the property business, everybody has a story, but there’s really only truth in numbers.