Delayed Gratification

I have had the pleasure of watching many people in my life embark on major weight loss journeys, including myself. It is a rewarding life-changing experience and if done correctly the people that succeed can take much more than a better physique away with them. It is true test of mental and physical fitness that can only be achieved through strict discipline and will power.

One of the key factors that impact you straight away when trying to shed body fat, is the restriction of your calorie in-take. Usually the foods that are to be cut back or even eliminated are the treats we all enjoy such as chocolate, ice cream and fried foods. Those who slip up throughout the week and can’t help themselves to the packet of Tim Tams will ultimately prolong their weight loss destination, stunting their progress. This is called instant gratification. Part of the diet plan would normally allow one to indulge in a “cheat meal” once per week to those who have been disciplined with their eating. This is called delayed gratification.

Many people think once you lose the unwanted body fat, then you can go about your old ways. This is definitely not the case as you will end up being overweight again in no time! It is a lifestyle of habits and rituals which help you stay in shape for the longer term. The process of making sacrifices now for a better tomorrow is also applied in the world of property investing. It is not so much an event but more so a way of life.

The technology of social media and the world wide web has millions of people wanting nothing more than what everyone else has. Its an expensive lifestyle, trying to keep up with The Kardashians. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are used to create a particular image of ourselves. The desire to showcase our spending habits on these platforms are highly important to many, especially Millenials. Most of the time it is not for yourself but to impress others. This particular spending pattern turns your buying priorities over to others rather than yourself.

Delayed gratification means avoiding debt that has been accrued from unnecessary purchases. Did you really need that new iPhone when your old one worked perfectly fine? Did you really need to have dinner at that expensive restaurant last night when there was food in the fridge at home? Most people try and justify these purchases to themselves with silly reasons to help free their minds of guilt. However the cold hard facts are that you can potentially spiral out of control in debt from this type of spending. Avoiding this type of debt trap is crucial. The rich always avoid consumer debt where they can so they can have as much free cash as possible to invest in more important items such as real estate.

Investing in property can teach you to become an expert at delaying gratification. By giving up the toys and luxuries that others are chasing, you get one step closer to achieving financial freedom through property investment. By injecting the majority of your funds into income producing assets that are projected to increase in value over time, will enable you to create a more prosperous future. Sacrificing now by living frugally while the value of your assets increase can help you greatly in the accumulation phase of building your portfolio. It may seem like torture now, but the rewards will be well worth it in the end.

Being overweight is much like being broke. If you live the instant gratification lifestyle, you will struggle to lose weight or forever be broke. Saying no to temptation is key and only strict discipline and good habits will help you achieve your goal. Being financially fit is just as important as being physically fit. If you really care about your future, you will pass on the donut and expensive holiday and start eating clean and investing your money wisely to help GROW YOUR FUTURE.