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5 Ways To Generate More Income From Your Investment Property Portfolio

With the banks tightening up on lending, uncertainty in the marketplace and possible interest rate rises, landlords who own investment properties now need to turn into – property entrepreneurs. New methods need to be implemented to help manufacture and force equity in an uncertain market. Investing in property is gaining in popularity as millennials are […]


I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve heard people whinge about their current position in life. Whether that would be their position in their jobs, their business, their relationship, financial position or just their life in general. Unfortunately dwelling on our misfortunes is an easy thing to do. In fact, the majority of the […]

Millionaire BOOM in 2018!

I’m sure the title of this blog is completely confusing for everyone as the media headlines of late have been sounding like – “Sydney property prices about to crash”; “Oversupply of apartments will prompt next GFC”; “The property boom is now over” or “Australia ranked least affordable country in the world”. The media is only […]

Health Is Wealth

Health and wealth seem to be two totally different words in the dictionary however, they work hand in hand when it comes to building prosperity in life. Many assume that wealth is only determined by the amount of dollars that you have in the bank rather than life as a complete package. We spend most […]

The Law Of Action

The law of action is one of the most overlooked laws of the universe. The law of attraction is marketed so well through books and documentaries such as “The Secret”, we never hear about any other law. The law of attraction only seems to talk about positive thinking and visualisation which is important, but I […]

Remove Emotion

Emotional strength is the new school of power for entrepreneurship. The old school business type of starting a venture with your best friend, working alongside your girlfriend or boyfriend, or buying a property based on its looks alone are now a thing of the past. The new entrepreneur learns how to produce more success and […]

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

With social media taking over our lives, it is easy to get caught up in competing with others who are where you desire to be in life. “Keeping up with the Jones’s” is a common phrase used to describe people who constantly strive to have what others have or to be like someone else. It […]

Go All In!

Becoming successful in today’s marketplace is no easy path. With all the distractions we are now faced with, it can be one of the most difficult processes to go through. Many are fearful of putting everything on the line because if they are unsuccessful then they can potentially lose everything. The phrase “go all in” […]

F*** What Others Think

Living a life that follows the ideal views of what other people think is a backwards way to live. It turns you into a victim who waits for other people to make moves before you do. You become a follower, not a leader. Being dictated by others will show the world you don’t stand for […]