Find Your Passion

Finding something you are passionate about and doing it for a living, can transform your life. It’s important to always strive to find your passion so that you can jump out of bed excited to take on life every morning. The definition of passion in the dictionary is “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.” Your passion is the reason why you live your life and just the thought of it can keep you up late at night with excitement. Sometimes passion can be known as your “why” or your “purpose”. Whatever it is, it needs to be strong enough to go beyond the dollars and other superficial outcomes of being successful. It’s the thing that you would continue to do, even if you didn’t get paid for it. You would just do it for free. For example, I’m obsessed with business and property, however it is not necessarily my “why” or “purpose”. My true inner passion lies in helping others improve something in their life. That could be physically, spiritually, or financially. I get a real kick out of serving others and helping them create better futures for themselves. I am very fortunate enough to be able to follow my passion through my businesses I have established.

I continue to observe people around me who struggle to find their true passion with what they do for a living. I also observe some of these same types of people regularly trying to escape reality by resorting to drugs and alcohol or any other method of burying their head in the sand. Many people hate their jobs or the businesses that they are in and know they want to do something different, but never make the choice to make a change. One of the main reasons why they haven’t changed is because they haven’t figured out what their passion actually is. However sitting around doing nothing or continuing to work in an industry that you hate without plan won’t help you to discover you passion. If your current situation is not working for you then trying something different will bring you at least one step closer to finding your passion.

For example, I never really knew what my purpose in life was up until my recent years in business. I studied and invested in multiple businesses in various industries for almost ten years. It took me a while to discover what I truly enjoyed and also what I was naturally good at. I finally found an industry that I was happy to study and learn for, without feeling like I was being forced to do it. Enjoying learning about entrepreneurship and property has allowed me to channel this into a business that I can not only benefit from financially, but also emotionally. I am still involved in various industries through business, where I hold strong interest, though my main focus and enjoyment comes from property.

Setting short-term and long-term goals is helpful for anyone trying to find their purpose, as achieving targets and reaching milestones can give you a great sense of fulfilment and motivation. This can fuel passion and encourage new spirits and direction on your path to success. Hitting short-term goals can keep you moving towards finding your purpose as you will be achieving specific smaller goals on a daily or weekly basis. Long-term goals are for when you start to think big. These goals can be what you want to achieve in the coming years that involve the bigger picture. This includes your exit strategy, growth plan or simply a really significant aspiration.

One of the reasons why successful people have a better understanding of what their purpose is, is because of their attitude and perspective on life. Maintaining a negative view or a depressed outlook or remaining stuck in a rut puts a curb on motivation. If you’re convinced that finding your passion is going to be hard, then it will most probably not happen to you and you will remain in the same position. It’s important to adapt the positive mindset that you can do whatever you love to do in life. One of the best ways to strengthen this type of mindset is to surround yourself with people who are already living the lives you aspire to live yourself. Maybe its time to expand your network to help you associate with people who follow their passions.

Another reason why people lose focus on their passion, is because they end up only putting the spotlight on making money. Chances are, if you’re chasing money, you’ll probably end up with nothing at all. If you want to spend the majority of your life doing something you love, then the best method is to start treating financial rewards as a bonus. This is where true wealth is acquired. To me, the difference between being wealthy and rich are incomparable. Being rich allows you to buy the flash cars and expensive jewellery. While being wealthy on the other hand is being happy and financially free.

In my experience of being an entrepreneur, focusing on what I can offer, setting goals and being aware of my positive attitude have proved helpful. After having learned valuable lessons in my earlier businesses, I began to notice that it’s not necessarily the industry you’re in, but it’s the life experience that matters. After each goal was accomplished, I was always given entrepreneurial inspiration which made it easier for me to eventually find my passion. The key is to keep trying new things as it will always bring you one step closer to showcase your purpose.


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