Growth Mindset

So many people I know these days have a mindset that is totally working against them. They know what they want but they are unsure how to achieve their goals, or how to get to where they truly need to be. There is a fear of failure, and what will become of them if failure sets upon them.

So what is a growth mindset? It is exactly what it sounds like. A tendency to believe you can grow in the most difficult situations and circumstances. A mindset that can be cultivated at any point in your life. (It’s not too late!)

Whilst a “fixed mindset” might assume that our nature and abilities are static which we cannot change in any purposeful way, a growth mindset thrives on challenges and views failure not as evidence of unintelligence or incapability, but as a catalyst for growth in ourselves so that we are able to improve.

Going through university, and through the earlier stages of my career, I was always taught that “failure was not an option”. It kind of stopped there. “Just don’t make any mistakes and you’ll be ok” But, what exactly is failure? Failure to me, is not the error in itself, it is never learning from the error.

If we really want to succeed, we need to figure out a way to think outside the box, and we must understand that we need to oversee our own gridlocked mindset, and our usual ways of thinking and working. This fixed mindset can negatively impact all aspects of your life.

The most important methods from my experiences to form a growth mindset are below:

Immediately replace the word FAILURE, with the word EDUCATION

It’s ok to make a mistake, but only if you learn from this mistake.

View a challenge as an opportunity for change and growth Having this growth mindset during difficult times mean you enter the “CHANGE ZONE” – you are self-improving and forming better habits for the future.

Stop seeking constant approval

Know the value you bring to the table, in order to give yourself the best opportunity of growth potential. Those with a growth mindset really do have a greater sense of purpose. Remember, BIGGER PICTURE.

Trust and Value the actual journey

Too many people are focused on the end goal and not enough on the journey itself. We must learn to enjoy the learning process, and the challenges we are faced with, for it is this that will shape us.

Take the time to reflect on your progress

We need to be able to keep ourselves in check constantly. Are we on track? What have we learnt from mistakes? Is there a better way of doing this?

Double down on your WORK

Cultivate determination and don’t be afraid of bold opportunity. Make progress and seek less approval from others, and more approval from yourself in the process.

Take risks in the company of peers and colleagues

If we never take calculated risks, when will we ever grow? Understand that it is ok to mess up every now and then, and doing this in front of others will allow you the opportunity to be ok with risk in the future.

Take complete ownership over your mindset

Own your mindset, and your attitude towards your work and your life in general. Accept that you have a growth mentality and let this mindset guide you through you career, your personal life and through your relationships.