The Law Of Action

The law of action is one of the most overlooked laws of the universe. The law of attraction is marketed so well through books and documentaries such as “The Secret”, we never hear about any other law. The law of attraction only seems to talk about positive thinking and visualisation which is important, but I believe this alone is not enough to achieve the things you desire in life. You can’t expect to just sit there and think positive thoughts and every opportunity is going to fall into your lap. You must execute on your plan and strategy, taking the step forward to make things happen. It’s like saying if you want to get fit and healthy, then just sit at home and visualise yourself with a lean, trim physique. If you think positively enough, like magic, you will have the body you desire. Bullshit! Take action and do the work.

Do I think the law of attraction is important at all? Of course I do. Having a positive mindset is mandatory if you want to succeed, however coupled with constant action and execution will greatly increase your chances of getting there. Visualising positive things is especially crucial in times of stress and adversity as these thoughts will help get you through the tough times. When action is taken, usually mistakes and failures can occur, so it is important to use the law of attraction to help you push through. For example, when I was losing money in all of my businesses, I had properties vacant and cash flow was that far in the negative that I didn’t even have money for food. I woke up everyday with a positive mindset by performing gratitude and acknowledging all the good things in my life. My health, my family, my country, I had a good life overall. This positive attitude allowed me to keep taking action and not sweat the small stuff and keep moving forward.

I went to an entrepreneurs conference over the weekend and I met plenty of people looking at starting a business or buying an existing business. I met a guy who flew all the way from Perth just for this particular seminar. He even had a room at the Four Seasons. He told me he had been to about eight different business seminars about how to start a business, how to market a business, how to manage social media, how to stay motivated and the list went on. He said he follows all the top business leaders and trainers in the world. He had not one business venture. He was still working in his corporate job, talking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship. This guy was super motivated and positive but lacked the courage to take action. Action along with positive intention is what will turn your vision into reality.

Being involved in property, I come across people who are always up for a chat when it comes to investing money. Many like to talk big game about where they think the next hot spot is or how they want to get into property development without any relevant experience. Motivation runs high and everyone starts off on a positive note, talking about the profits that will be achieved and how great their idea is. The trouble is, is that these types of people keep talking without actually doing anything. Unfortunately, too many people fall into this category as taking action can be intimidating and overwhelming as it is easier to talk about it. These people like to feel warm and fuzzy about their conversations but they are really just lying to themselves. Just like Elvis famously sings, “A little less conversation, a little more action!”

Taking the right steps towards your goals can be difficult at times, even for the ultra successful. However, by getting started and taking action, it has always pushed me closer to reaching my dreams. For example, when I wanted to start my first business, I had no money to initiate anything. So, I began saving all my money and invested in property to help multiply it quicker than saving alone. That was the first step amongst many others, and I am here ten years later with multiple businesses that are successful in their own right. I took the first step and the rest figured itself out through constant execution.

My question to you is, what are you waiting for?