Kings Cross Nightclub Manager to Multi-Million Dollar Property Empire

Nightclub manager turned property entrepreneur, Zah Azmi (wearing pink shirt) helps show others how to invest in property and business and has acquired over $10million worth of assets.

WORKING late nights, battling lockout laws and putting up with drunk patrons has proved worthwhile for a Sydney based self-made entrepreneur.

Zah Azmi, 33, has purchased eight properties along NSW’s Eastern Coastline from Sydney, to the Central Coast all the way up to Newcastle. He has done all of this by starting early, and buying his first property by using the deposit he saved up from working as a nightclub manager in Kings Cross Sydney.

At one stage he was he was juggling 3-4 jobs around his demanding night shift schedule, from working as a personal trainer early in the morning, to working in a retail supplement store during the day, then in the clubs at night. Mr Azmi said he did anything to pick up work anywhere he could as he worked towards saving a $70k deposit for his first investment property.

Sydney based entrepreneur Zah Azmi (pictured skipping) at one stage worked 3-4 jobs including working as a personal trainer to help save for his first house deposit of $70k.

“It was a tough time in my life”, he says.

“But it was well worth it as it taught me through hard work, discipline and sacrifice, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.”

His life as an entrepreneur and keen real estate investor has helped him climb the ladder of success in business through a diverse portfolio of assets.

He has since given up on the nightclub industry and has pursued entrepreneurial aspirations in other industries such as health and fitness, hair and beauty, and property development and investment.

“I’ve always loved working hard and helping others achieve success. If I can provide value through my businesses by making people feel beautiful, fit and healthy and financially independent, then my work is done!” he exclaims.

“It’s all about education and having a good work ethic. If an ordinary person like me can do it, then anyone can do it!”

Zah Azmi believes education and having a good work ethic is the key to success.

“Most people think that it’s impossible to start their own business or get into the property market. In actual fact it is easier than most people think, however many do not know where to start or who to turn to.”

“My job is to help coach those who find it difficult to start. We help people believe in themselves and execute on their plans.”

Mr Azmi’s views on helping others has had a positive effect on his businesses, as his partners, employees and clients have all helped in contributing to the growth of his empire. His property and business portfolio is worth in excess of $10million and continues to compound year on year.

Zah Azmi helps people believe in themselves and execute on their plans.

“You don’t have to buy a $1million house as your first property investment. Start small, let that grow and slowly increase your appetite as time goes on. It’s the long-term mindset you need to adopt when it comes to property and business,” he says.

This 2 bedroom apartment in Merewether Newcastle is one of Zah Azmi’s eight properties.

His journey to his sizeable empire started in 2008 with a hard earned $70k 20% deposit on a Central Coast house in Kariong for $340,000. This first property enabled Mr Azmi to further leverage himself into his second Kariong property $320,000 twelve months later. These two properties now have the combined value of over $1.5million.

Now his portfolio consists of a mix of residential, commercial and even a couple of development sites.
He bought a Narara three-bedroom brick and tile house in late 2015 for $435,000 which is now worth more than $650,000 with a small cosmetic renovation, and a Gosford two-bedroom unit in 2016 for $320,000, now worth more than $400,000 from purchase.

Zah Azmi also owns this 3 bedroom house in Narara, Central Coast.

His latest acquisition with his partners is a development site in Broadmeadow, Newcastle, where he plans to build around forty residential apartments with commercial tenancies on the ground floor.

Zah Azmi at his latest site acquisition, where he plans to build 40 residential apartments in Broadmeadow, Newcastle.

“Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help drive you harder to achieve your goals. If you hang out with losers, you will become a loser. I want to constantly win, so I hang out with winners.”


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