Take Control Of Your Life

Taking control of your actions is essential if you want to progress in business and personal life. Sometimes in life we are thrown curveballs that are outside of our control but can negatively impact us that can lead to stunted progression. It could be as complex as the government enforcing new regulations on your industry or even simply just the way people think of you. This can get us down and depressed at times which prevents us from moving forward. It becomes a distraction that can take up all our valuable energy and lose focus on the bigger picture. Society and technology is moving so fast that we are now demanding instant gratification. If something does not go our way, we fret and expect things to be perfect and for things to come super quick. We all put so much pressure on ourselves to be in control that we ultimately lose control.

Focusing on problems that were outside of my control really affected me in business some years ago. When I was going through a dark period of time when the media were attempting to defame me, branding me as someone of dubious character, it took its toll on me mentally. I would sit at my computer, depressed and anxious waiting for the next article to be written with my name in it. All work would stop as I was too damaged from the negative impact the press had on me. Business partners were trying to pull out of deals with me, a former boss of mine was annoyed at the exposure, banks who I had loans with were calling me questioning my integrity, and I was even getting threats of being sued. The problem was, was that I couldn’t control what the media would say about me next. The more I sat, waited and dwelled on the issue, the more I fell into a depressed state. After realising that there was nothing I could do to control these on-coming events, I became self-aware and accepted that these things are going to happen regardless. There was no use of me crying over spilt milk as it was all going to happen anyway.

As soon as I made this realisation, I shifted my focus towards things I could control. I took action, and told myself that I was only going to push forward and concentrate on things that were inside my control. I went on to open several businesses, some failed, some successful, which have had a significant positive impact on the community. Now if anyone was to say anything bad about me, I would have a portfolio of positivity to show my strength and value to society. I also stopped worrying about what other people thought of me. Part of the reason I was so upset about the media defaming me, was because all I was trying to do was help others achieve their goals. So I thought, if the people I help to change their lives through my help and advice respected me, then that was enough for me. I do not live my life to impress those trying to bring me down. I will not be a victim and I will work towards being a victor.

When pushing forward in business we tend to create noise, especially when you are on the road to success. People will try and take things away from you, and you will spend more time protecting your assets than you do building them up. The sad truth is, is that a lot of these people are the closest people to you. It is normal, and it will continue to happen. Many will find it hard to comprehend that you actually gave it a good crack while they sat back and pointed and laughed at you. You must learn to block this negativity out of your life, accept that it is always going to be there and focus on improvement and bettering yourself every single day. Visualise yourself as though you were born as a king or a queen. Because only you are in control of your life and you should never let others take that away from you.

Many people ask me, “What if the property market crashes?” Or they say “I don’t have enough money to start a business.” These types of issues are easy excuses to spend time on as we can always pass the blame onto something we cannot control. Instead we should be focusing on how we can protect ourselves if the property market crashes, because if it is going to happen, then it is going to happen anyway, with or without your influence. If we don’t have any money to start a business, then using this as an excuse not to start a business will just stunt your growth as an entrepreneur. Instead, start working on solutions to get into business with just your time instead of having to use funding. As soon as we start focusing on things inside our capabilities, we end up seeing progression. Lazy people get distracted by things they can’t control because they don’t have to do anything. Program your mind to be solutions based to ensure you are constantly moving forward in business. As Tony Robbins famously states, “Progress equals happiness.”

Sometimes we all know what we have to do to take control. If you want to lose weight, you must diet and exercise. If you want a better job, you must create more value for your new potential employer. If you want to buy an investment property, you must seek advice from those who have done it before. The key take-away words here would be to take massive action. By worrying about all the variables associated with your goals, it can make you less effective in areas you should be focusing on. By thinking positively, you will control your input, not your outcome.

In my experience in business I have learned to not worry about outside forces such as my competition, negative people or the media for that matter. We must not dwell on these issues, but instead reverse it and focus on what you can be doing to weather any type of storm. Accepting things are going to happen beyond your control is the first step, then take massive action to execute your plans for your goals and vision. By letting go of things you can’t control, you will find yourself in a much more peaceful state of mind. Start taking control of your life before someone or something else controls it for you!