Self-Made Millionaires

Everyone wants to be successful and make money. But some people want to reach out further and become a millionaire.
How to do that? Here are the top 10 habits of self-made millionaires you should indulge in to become successful and a self-made millionaire eventually.

Get Up Early:

If you want to reach the millionaire status, you need to start your day early. When you get up early, you have time to do things and plan your day. It makes you more productive so that you can achieve more. Self-made millionaires get up as early as possible to spend quality uninterrupted time on themselves to help kick start their day.


Becoming successful requires personal development as well. Gratitude is game-changing. Successful people are always grateful for what they have. To strive for more but do not take the people, relationships, skills or resources they have for granted. This produces positive energy straight away as it is almost impossible to be stressed and grateful at the same time. Focusing on gratitude will almost guarantee a happier life.


To become successful, everyday should be a day to learn something new. Your education should never stop. Take lectures, read books, attend seminars but educate yourself as much as you can. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs still have a habit of reading for hours a day to continue to grow and expand their minds. Education is one of the most important habits of a self made millionaire.

Stop Watching the News:

It takes consistency and using your time productively that makes one successful. Successful people do not waste time to watching TV especially news. News even if breaking news, they are in the past and create tension and negativity. They disturb the peace of mind. Stay clear of that. If the news is big enough in the media, someone will end up telling you about it in passing. Remember, the media are paid to sell papers and stories, not to inform you on official literature and learning.

Build Relationships:

Create a circle of successful and ambitious people around you. They could give you worthy advice, help you. Whether they are successful or striving to be, combined skills, ideas and talents of such could create something amazing for you. We all specialise in different fields that are our area of expertise. Build and feed your team to help leverage yourself to your destination faster and easier than doing it on your own. All self-made millionaires surround themselves with people smarter than them. You are only worth as much as your network.

Find Mentor:

Getting yourself a mentor could lead you to earn wealth much faster. Mentors give one insight on strategy so that you can plan ahead for the big picture. Mentors participate in your success journey actively and regularly while teaching you the ropes sharing valuable life lessons from personal experiences and what they learnt from their own mentors. Instead of learning costly mistakes from their own failures, self-made millionaires try and not make the same mistakes their mentors have made in the past. Mentors can also hold you accountable for any task you set out to do.


Exercise boosts both your mental and physical health. Make a habit to exercise for 30 minutes in the morning preferably to get an active and energizing start your day. Exercising gives you the strength for rest of the day. Without physical fitness, it is very hard to achieve mental fitness. Endorphins are released in the brain after exercise and if done first thing in the morning, this can set you up for a day of success through positive thinking and mindset. Physical fitness goals are just as important as financial goals, as without our health, we will not be able to enjoy the fruits of our hard work for long.

Take Action:

Millionaires who made it on their own plan and take action for their dreams/goals. They are obsessed with their vision and set out to achieve that. They not only dare to dream but achieve it also by taking action. Executing ideas and plans are probably the most overlooked habit that the average struggle to implement. You can have the best plan and strategy in the world, however if you do not action then the goal will always remain an idea. The ultimate thief of a good idea is procrastination and lack of action. Self-made millionaires make a decision to take massive action and execute the process and if they make mistakes, they learn along the way.


No doubt one has to work a lot to become a millionaire but self-made millionaires are smart. They do work themselves but not everything. They have the skill to get things done by using their resources intelligently. Just like building relationships, they leverage off the experts. Also leveraging off OPM (Other People’s Money) allows self-made millionaires to play with bigger numbers which then result in higher investment returns. This helps increase their net worth position as opposed to using their own funds returning a smaller profit.

Give Back:

The very essence of a successful life is the spirit of giving back. The heritage of our deepest desires and dreams to succeed is giving a portion of our lives and giving back to those who helped them in the way, or becoming someone who gives back to the community. Successful people can also give back by helping others to transform their dreams and become successful. Self-made millionaires understand the struggle and difficulty of getting to the top of their game and endeavour to help lift as many people up as they can. Giving back can include donating your time, knowledge, money and other resources to help make our world a better place.

Adopt these habits and see how you achieve success as a self-made millionaire!