Why It’s Taken Me A Year To Realise – I F****** LOVE MY JOB!

Look, I will be completely honest with you – I am not sure if it’s the passion within that’s talking right now or the pseudoephedrine in my blood from the cold & flu tablets I had to take earlier this morning but either way I can tell you now, when I take a step back and have a look at what I do for a living right now, it’s pretty bloody hard to wipe the smile off my face…

I won’t take too much of your time throughout this read, but if you could read past this point for the next 2 minutes, I thank you with all my (currently) snotty-nosed heart!

The end of 2016 saw me leave a business I brought from the ground up with a close group of friends, our visions were different, I wanted a new challenge in life and decided to make the move when offered a role here at my second (sometimes what feels like my first) home, Luxland Investments.

Yes we are involved in real estate development and investment for both seasoned and first time investors/developers but what we do on a weekly basis is change the lives of so many people in many different ways.

I would lie if I told you we do not care for the money, because whoever says that is a complete bullshit artist – BUT – do we push for the sale here at Luxland? No.

Why though, aren’t all developers money hungry bastards? No.

Then what is the motive behind it all? Again, changing peoples lives by offering a service that goes beyond stackin’ cash. We strive for the success of everyone who joins the Luxland family, and we do not have an end date in site for anyone of our clients.

The lengths we go to show the mass market how much value we provide, why we care and make money for you all at the same time, is absolutely insane. We give it a good crack to show you as many properties we purchase or look to engage in purchasing for our clients on a daily basis (within respectful boundaries requested by our clients of course), again showing the mass market that our product is established, real and authentic as well as for our client’s sake – HOW it makes them money.

You may ask that surely there’s a catch here? Absolutely not. We charge our fees accordingly, offer our service at the highest form of professionalism, make our clients money for the long term and have forged a personal relationship with every single one of them – let me just reiterate in more Australian terms – we give a shit about people more than we do our own pockets.

The pseudoephedrine has not worn off and I have the been given one hell of an opportunity to better my career, help others understand the processes involved to get what they wanted just that little bit sooner and help change the lives of at least one person per day.

*Mic drop*