I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve heard people whinge about their current position in life. Whether that would be their position in their jobs, their business, their relationship, financial position or just their life in general. Unfortunately dwelling on our misfortunes is an easy thing to do. In fact, the majority of the population are like this but are unconscious of themselves doing it. How do I know this? Because I used to be one of those people. I used to let my problems own me instead of myself owning the problem. I spent countless years blaming others for my mistakes and misfortunes and never took responsibility for my lack of action and backwards progress. I was a BITCH.

Now fast forward a number of well experienced years in business and I now own EVERYTHING I do. Any problem that arises, I tackle it head on with full force and welcome any adversity. If things turn bad to worse, I persevere and never give up until I have my desired outcome. Many shy away from pushing through as soon as things get hard, as soon as it gets difficult, as soon as it becomes a CHALLENGE. If success was meant to be easy then everybody would be successful. Not one successful person will tell you that greatness is a straight road without its roadblocks, speed humps and detours. It is all part of the process.

How do you avoid falling into the victim trap? Learn to endure the difficult times. Weather the storm through the bad times. Don’t be afraid of hitting low points. Let’s take a fitness analogy for example. When someone goes on a weight loss journey they will most always hit plateaus and times of weakness where that person wants to give up. The key is to push past these points of pain in the process to keep the process moving forward. Owning the task of losing weight will ensure you are on your way to success rather than allowing the problem of being unfit and overweight own you. Become the MASTER of your problem. I can speak from experience as when you can master your body physically, you take absolute CONTROL and no one can take that away from you.

The above example works the same for property investment. Many sell out too early as they may experience a small dip in prices due to market fluctuations, however seeing out the troughs will ensure you can take advantage of the peaks when they eventually come along. You should never deserve to have the fruits of successful property investing if you cannot handle the low points in the market. This doesn’t mean to invest in property that doesn’t perform or hold any value but to be educated enough to know that real estate works in cycles and to trust the process from very early on. By tackling the tough times head on, you can learn so much about becoming a BOSS at property investing. Own the hard times, own the mistakes and eventually own plenty of real estate!

Also, another trait that will help you become the VICTOR and not the victim is to prioritise. By this I mean what are you doing about owning your future? I see too many people worshipping The Kardashians or being absolutely fanatical about their favourite football team, however completely disregarding their own financial future. These distractions end up owning you without you even knowing it and they have you eating out of their hand whenever they see fit. These types of people who religiously follow these distractions can sometimes put so much effort into their chosen football team, favourite TV show or what nightclub they are going to on the weekend that you would think that they would have shares in these companies. Prioritising your future and cheering on for the right team (yourself) is the best way to ensure you are not falling into simply being a spectator. You want to be the star player that gets PAID.

We all have choices in life and if we choose to be negative and fall victim to every day distractions and problems we will fail to succeed. We cannot simply sit back and complain about our position in life as there will always be someone out there worse off than you. Don’t forget we live in the best country in the world to have a crack at anything, because if you fall down it is actually not that bad! We are spoilt for choice for the amount of opportunities we have at our finger-tips, we just got to go out and get it. Now stop being a BITCH and start taking OWNERSHIP today!