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Take Control Of Your Life

Taking control of your actions is essential if you want to progress in business and personal life. Sometimes in life we are thrown curveballs that are outside of our control but can negatively impact us that can lead to stunted progression. It could be as complex as the government enforcing new regulations on your industry […]

Eliminating Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is preventing many from executing on their ideas and plans to reach their goals. In fact, everybody deals with self-doubt once in a while, even the ultra successful. I’ve met many successful entrepreneurs and property investors who have doubted themselves at some point in their lives. These types of people recognise self-doubt when it […]

Find Your Passion

Finding something you are passionate about and doing it for a living, can transform your life. It’s important to always strive to find your passion so that you can jump out of bed excited to take on life every morning. The definition of passion in the dictionary is “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.” […]

Power Of Struggle

The power of struggle can be a great tool to use when propelling forward in business. Many, if not all successful entrepreneurs have all been through times of struggle at some point in their lives. The definition of struggle in the dictionary is, “to contend with an adversary or opposing force.” These adversaries are usually […]

We Must Conquer Failure

Fear of failure will hold some of the best individuals back at times. Many of us are conditioned with the concept that the lack of failure means greater success. The truth is that the lack of failure usually means the lack of taking action, which is one of the most important components in success. When […]

Take Ownership

Taking complete ownership and full responsibility for your life is critical in business and property investment. It’s not just about doing a job or working on a project, or even delegating out a task, it’s about making it your objective to see something through on your own terms. There are many different qualities and habits […]

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

As a property developer, investor and business owner, I’ve seen that one of the most detrimental things you can do in your life is to stay comfortable and refuse to step outside of your normal everyday routine. We have all done it, where we start to think that if we step outside our comfort zone, […]

Recognise Your Strengths

It sounds odd, but the simple concept of self-awareness has tremendous power in determining your future. The mantra of self awareness for property investment success is not just for the super rich and successful, self-awareness is about acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses and is one of the most important traits to master when it comes […]

Obsess Over Success

Having an obsession when I was growing up had been looked at as a negative characteristic. It was almost looked at as some sort of sickness or condition in our household. Like an unhealthy fixation. Even the definition of obsession in the dictionary is “A persistent disturbing pre-occupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling”. […]

Location: Narara

Properties that are close to the the freeway and Gosford CBD will always show strength in any market conditions. Central Coast suburb, Narara has experienced some fantastic gains over the past couple of years. According to RP Data capital growth of the median house prices were up by a healthy 6.9%. In the last 6 […]