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Add Value

“Adding value” is a phrase that gets used by many successful entrepreneurs throughout the world we live in. What does it mean exactly? Do you always focus on adding value to others first or what’s in it for you comes to mind all the time? What are your value beliefs in life and business? Are […]

Self-Made Millionaires

Everyone wants to be successful and make money. But some people want to reach out further and become a millionaire. How to do that? Here are the top 10 habits of self-made millionaires you should indulge in to become successful and a self-made millionaire eventually. Get Up Early: If you want to reach the millionaire […]

Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is much more more than having money – it gives you the power to have choice in what you want to do in life. The truly wealthy people don’t work hard for money. They have money work hard for them. Most Australians spend 50 years or more equipping themselves for retirement, yet 95% […]

Delayed Gratification

I have had the pleasure of watching many people in my life embark on major weight loss journeys, including myself. It is a rewarding life-changing experience and if done correctly the people that succeed can take much more than a better physique away with them. It is true test of mental and physical fitness that […]

Boss Status

As a property investor, being a landlord essentially classifies you as the person in charge. You are in control of all income and expenses, therefore you call the shots. Being in control allows you to determine how well you do in the property game. This is how successful property investors escape the rat race! Property […]